Nicholas Kaminski

Musician and Composer

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Transgender Starborn: Disco Queen of the Universe


Transgender Starborn: Disco Queen of the Universe (formerly known as Transgender Stillborn) is Nicholas Kaminski’s original musical, set in space in the year 1979. Our transgender hero, Max, must save the galaxy from an ancient evil hell-bent on enslaving all sapient life with dark magic, all the while navigating a complicated love life and trying to find her place in the universe. A tale of love, friendship, adventure and self-discovery.

With a disco- and new-wave-inspired score, Transgender Stillborn is sure to have you tapping your feet, laughing your ass off, and—maybe—crying, too.

Here’s a sneak peek at the opening number, “Dress in the Closet”, performed by Jared Picone:

get the demo and video

The public reading at Surflight Theatre on November 11th, 2018 was professionally videotaped! If you’d like to watch Transgender Starborn: Disco Queen of the Universe, donate any amount to our GoFundMe page! If you’d like to receive our studio cast recording, simply donate $20 or more and you’ll receive it when it is completed!